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A Revolutionary Sleep Aid Device to Transform your Sleep

Have You Ever Wished

you could switch the sleep button on and drift away into an amazing and restful night’s sleep?

Now You Can!

We understand how hard it is to be exhausted, desperately needing a quality night’s sleep, and the anxiety from the fear of having another sleepless night and waking up even more tired than when you went to bed.
That’s why we created the Sleep Wave Sleep Aid Device.
A powerful, safe and non-invasive sleep aid device that will change your sleep experience forever.

Sleep Wave - A Revolutionary Sleep Aid Device

Meet Sleep Wave Aid Device

Sleep Wave is a revolutionary sleep aid device that will remarkably improve your sleep quality and wellness.

It implements spinal energy stimulating frequencies that are all within the audio spectrum, but the non-audible Sleep Wave technology creates a noise-free environment where these relaxing frequencies are converted into low-intensity magnetic waves. 

Sleep Wave sleep aid device elevates, tunes and stabilizes the body’s energy points, with the goal of promoting relaxation, quality sleep, and extended time in the deep sleep cycle (the body’s natural healing and restorative mode).

Our easy to use design includes a fitted pad that goes over your mattress and integrates seamlessly into the sleeping environment. Simply turn the device on, and enjoy restful nights of relaxing and restorative sleep.

How Sleep Wave Improves Your Sleep

The Sleep Wave Sleep Aid Device stimulates energy points in the body, promoting a state of deep relaxation that lulls you into sleep faster (sleep onset time), prevents sleep interruptions, and increases your deep sleep duration, which enhances your immune system and overall wellness.

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Reduce Sleep Onset Time

Help you fall asleep faster when you first go to bed and fall back asleep faster after your bathroom trips.

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Improve Total Sleep Time

Prevent you from waking up multiple times during the night, allowing you to get the most out of the hours spent asleep.

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Extend Deep Sleep Duration

Help you stay longer in the deep sleep phase of sleep, allowing for bodily recovery, growth, and immune system enhancement.

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Improve Sleep Efficiency

Improve the quality and efficiency of your sleep, helping you to wake up rested and allowing your body to restore itself overnight.

What Are People Saying About Our Technology?

This is Larissa’s story. A veteran of Iraq with severe PTSD. In this video, Larissa describes how the Sleep Wave Sleep Aid Device helped her to manage her sleep, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and regain control over her sleep schedule.

Play Video about Larissa Stone Testimonial
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