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See below for some FAQs and commonly asked questions and answers about the Sleep Wave System.
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Product Questions

Proper and standard use of this sleep system is detailed in the supplied operating Guide. This easy-to-use sleep system comprises of a Sleep Wave device that sits on a flat surface on the side of your bed, such as a nightstand, and connects to a Sleep Wave cover or pad that is positioned on the user’s mattress. The controller is switched on and at bedtime and turned off on awakening.

Absolutely! Sleep Wave complies to IEC60601-1 requirements for basic safety and performance and to IEC 62233:2005 – Measurement methods for electromagnetic fields of household appliances and similar apparatus with regard to human exposure.

No, you can’t hear the output of the Sleep Wave System. Sleep Wave produces a noise-free experience.

Always check with your doctor before using our products if you have any predisposition resulting from frequencies applied to your body. Also, please check first with your doctor if you are fitted with any medical implantable device. For best results, you should avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine before using the Sleep Wave System.

If you are pregnant or considering to use the pads with kids, please consult with your doctor prior to using the Sleep Wave System.

If you use implanted or supported medical devices, have complex medical circumstances, or are suffering from medical conditions, please consult with your doctor prior to using the Sleep Wave System.

No, Sleep Wave is not a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device.

Sleep Wave is not a controlled medical device. We make no medical claims.

No, always check first with your doctor before using this product.

Sleep Wave design is licensed by Kunasan Inc. This is a derivative to their Frequen Zzz product that is currently going through an insomnia POC clinical controlled study  Investigational Device POC – Full Text View –

Sleep Wave is currently not available for sale in the USA. However, Sleep Wave is currently available for sale in South America, Central America, South Africa, and Mexico.

Do not wash. Do not dry clean. Spot clean only by blotting the stain.

A store-bought enzyme stain remover will work well for biological stains (blood, sweat, etc.). For lighter stains you can use a small amount of natural dish soap mixed with water. Use the foam part of the mixture only to apply to the stain. Apply the stain remover that you prefer to a clean white cloth and blot the stained area. Using a second clean cloth dampened with water, blot again to rinse. Let the cover dry completely. Repeat the process if needed.

Either works well. However, since the Sleep Wave System is not washable, we do recommend to use under your sheets and/or mattress protector.

Yes, you can place your sheets, mattress protector and any other bedding items on top of the Sleep Wave System. Just make sure that all bedding items on top of the Sleep Wave System do not exceed 2.5″.

Falling asleep on your back is ideal but lying on your front or side also works.

Every person responds differently. Everyone’s body is different which means that how you respond to the device will also be unique to you. Readjusting poor sleep patterns takes time and while many people notice a difference to their sleep after just a few days, it is more typical for the benefits of the Sleep Wave System to become apparent during the sleep adjusting period of 30 nights’ use. The key to a successful experience is to be patient, look after yourself, drink plenty of water.

Please Note: Sleep tracking devices, such as apps, may not show any sleep improvement especially in the sleep adjusting phase which may require up to 30 nights of system use.

Improper use of this sleep system and not following the guidance as detailed in the operating instructions can lead to negative side effects. Always refer to supplied operating Instructions. Reported negative side effects have been limited to headaches for short periods of time, restlessness and slight perspiration.

Shipping Questions

Please allow 3-4 business days for processing before the order ships. A refund of shipping charges will not be provided due to carrier delays.

All orders ship through Fedex or USPS.

We do not offer free shipping.

Currently, shipping is available only to Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa.

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