The Sleep Wave System

A Technology Designed to Stimulate, Elevate, Tune and Stabilize the Body’s Energy Points to Promote Better, Longer, and Deeper Sleep.


How Sleep Wave Works

Sleep Wave developed a non-invasive, non-touching, non-wearable, non-audible, app-free method of stimulating key energy points in the body through an easy-to-use technology that promotes quality sleep in the comfort of your bed.

Spinal model vertebrae showing locations C6, Th3, Th10, and L4.
Spinal Model with Vertebrae Location

Power of RF Sensory Stimulation

The Sleep Wave System implements a 28KHz patented Attenuated Low-Frequency Sensory (ALFS) stimulation protocol whereby spinal energy stimulating frequencies in the bandwidth 22Hz to 17KHz are modulated onto a 28KHz carrier. These frequencies are all within the audio spectrum, but the non-audible Sleep Wave technology creates a noise-free environment where these relaxing frequencies are converted into low-intensity magnetic waves. 

Stimulating the Body's Energy Points

The key target areas for Sleep Wave’ technology are the main body energy points, which lie in a linear pathway along the spine at L4, Th10, Th3, C6 vertebrae locations. The System uses an ALFS scheme to elevate, tune, and stabilize the body’s energy points, which harmonizes the body’s energy, with the goal of promoting relaxation, quality sleep, and extended time in deep sleep stage within each sleep cycle (the body’s natural healing and restorative mode).

Practical Design

The Sleep Wave System consists of a fitted mattress pad that integrates the patented System within it. The fitted pad goes over your mattress, similar to a fitted sheet, but under the fitted sheet. The mattress pad then connects to the device controller through a controller cable. The controller can be placed on your nightstand or somewhere near your headboard. You then manually turn on the controller when you are ready to fall asleep and turn off when you get up. The System also doesn’t use an App, helping you to reduce blue light exposure before bedtime.

For complete details on how to use the device, please visit the How It’s Used Guide.

Understanding the Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle consists of two phases and four stages of sleep:

  • Phase 1: non-REM sleep, which includes Stages N1 (transition into sleep), N2 (light sleep), and N3 (deep sleep).
  • Phase 2: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

The cycle restarts every 80-90 to 100-120 minutes, making a person with a healthy sleep pattern cycle through four to six sleep cycles per night.

the sleep cycle

Stage 1, also called N1

In stage 1 (N1), the body is transitioning from being awake into the sleep cycle. Stage 1 represents the beginning of the sleep cycle and its characterized as light sleep. In healthy sleep patterns, this stage happens quite quickly, lasting between 1 and 10 minutes. During the N1 stage, the body relaxes, and brain activity starts slowing down. As we age, we spend more time in N1, making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep.

Healthy Sleep Goal: Fall asleep within 10 minutes of lying down.

Stage 2, also called N2

Stage 2 (N2) is also characterized as light sleep. However, muscles become more relaxed than in stage 1, the body temperature starts to drop, and the breath and heart rate start slowing down, preparing the body to go deeper into the sleep cycle.

In healthy sleep patterns, stage 2 lasts between 10 to 25 minutes in the first sleep cycle, and increases in duration as we cycle through sleep cycles overnight. Normally, a person spends half of the total sleep time in the N2 stage.

Healthy Sleep Goal: Reduce sleeping distractions, such as tossing and turning, to allow the quickest transition into the N3 (deep sleep) stage.

Stage 3, also called N3 or Deep Sleep

Stage 3 (N3) represents the deepest sleep part of the sleep cycle, where the muscles are completely relaxed, the body temperature is the lowest, and the breath and heart rate are the slowest. Stage 3 can also be called slow-wave sleep (SWS), characterized by slower brain waves from the whole sleep cycle.

Stage 3 comes with magnificent benefits to the human body, because in this stage the body reaches recovery and growth, while also strengthening the immune system. Studies also found a correlation between deep sleep and improved thinking, creativity, and memory.

In healthy sleep patterns, a person spends about 20% of the total sleep period in deep sleep. However, multiple factors can negatively impact the time spent in N3, such as age, sleep disorders, alcohol and other substance use, unhealthy sleep patterns, etc. As we age, we spend less time in N3, making it more difficult to get the benefits from this important stage of sleep.

Healthy Sleep Goal: Spend as much time as possible in the N3 (deep sleep) stage.

REM Sleep

REM sleep defines the transitioning time between Stage 3 (deep sleep) and Stage 1 when we restart the sleep cycle one more time. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement, the main characteristic of this stage, which gives it its name. During REM sleep, all muscles in the body are paralyzed (atonia), except for the eyes and muscles that control the breath. REM is also known as the lucid or vivid dreaming sleep stage. Here, brain activity resembles our awakened brain activity, which explains the quality of dreams during this sleep stage.
REM’s stage length varies anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes, with shorter REM stretches in the early sleep cycles and longer REM periods later into the night. In a healthy sleep pattern, a person spends about 25% of the total sleep period in the REM stage.

Healthy Sleep Goal: Maintain the body’s energy harmonized to facilitate the transition back to Stage 1 without waking up.

Sleep Wave Improves Every Step of Your Sleep Cycle

We focused on creating a unique device that improves every stage of the sleep cycle, bringing your body back into balance and promoting physical, mental, and emotional health.

Clock Icon

Stage 1
Reduce Sleep Onset Time

Help you fall asleep faster when you first go to bed and fall back asleep faster after your bathroom trips.

ZZZ Icon

Stage 2
Improve Sleep Continuity

Prevent you from waking up multiple times during the night, allowing you to get the most out of the hours spent asleep.

Deep Sleep Icon

Stage 3
Extend Deep Sleep Duration

Help you stay longer in the deep sleep phase of sleep, allowing for bodily recovery, growth, and immune system enhancement.

Efficiency Icon

Improve Sleep Efficiency

Improve the quality and efficiency of your sleep, keeping you asleep longer and allowing your body to restore itself overnight.

By analyzing the before and after Hypnograms of a 40-year-old Sleep Wave user, we identify the benefits that Sleep Wave provides in every stage of sleep.

Hypnogram Comparison Before and After Sleep Wave use

Hypnograms obtained from Dreem 2 PSG measurements.

17% icon

Sleep Onset

Improved sleep onset, falling asleep 17% faster when using Sleep Wave

18% icon

Improved N3

18% more time spent in Deep Sleep (SWS) when using Sleep Wave

24% icon

Time Asleep

24% reduction in time awake when using Sleep Wave

Improved Sleep, Improved Life.

A lack of sleep can cause a range of emotions and symptoms, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night, waking up too early, feeling drowsy or exhausted during the day, irritability, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, increased mistakes, and persistent concerns about sleep. Energy levels, mood, health, and general quality of life can all be significantly impacted by lack of sleep.

Sleep Wave frequencies help you relax, fall asleep faster, spend less time awake, and more time in Deep and REM sleep.
before and after sleep wave 1

Welcome Quality Sleep Back into Your Life

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the day. Enjoy from numerous advantages that sound sleep offers to mental and physical well-being. Positive emotions and experiences linked to restful sleep include:

  • Enhanced mood: Getting a good night’s sleep can lift your spirits and lessen feelings of stress or irritability. 
  • Enhanced cognitive function: Think more clearly, react quickly, and focus more effectively. 
  • Better emotional regulation: Quality sleep improves emotional control and reduces anxiety. 
  • Enhanced energy levels: Getting enough sleep can increase your energy levels and make it easier for you to carry out daily tasks. 
  • Enhanced physical health: Sleep is essential for cell repair and energy regulation, which can lead to better physical health.

Start your Sleep Wave journey and feel the benefits of quality sleep, effortlessly.

Sleep Cycle Chart Before Sleep Wave
Sleep Cycle Chart After Sleep Wave

The Sleep Wave Difference

We wanted to make sure you are 100% comfortable when using our device.

That’s why usability was a top priority when designing the Sleep Wave System.

Our goal was to design the easiest to use sleep management device available in the market, while also delivering the highest degree of effectiveness. We are glad to report that we have met our goal.

Here are some of the characteristics that makes our design so unique and practical:

Revolutionary Technology
Unique technology never before used in any other sleep product.
Safely used during sleep with no serious reported side effects.
Making it easy to use, without any impact to your current routine.
Schedule Friendly
Simply turn it on before falling asleep.
Kids and Pet Friendly
Kids and Pets are welcome!
Partner Friendly
It won't disturb your partner's sleep pattern or routine.
Place it over your mattress and forget about it.
Most importantly, it will not expose you to blue light right before bedtime.
icons8 music notation 50


The Sleep Wave System harmonizes the body’s energies to allow the sleep cycles to happen naturally, resulting in better sleep continuity and sleep quality.

icons8 continuity 64


Even if you wake up, the system will harmonize your body once again to help you fall back asleep as quickly as possible, allowing your body to reenter the sleep cycle and get the most out of a harmonized sleep cycle.

icons8 no drugs 50


A drug-free alternative to boost sleep quality, bring effective and lasting relief to sleep disorder symptoms, and transform disruptive sleep patterns back into youthful, healthy, and productive sleep patterns.

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