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Welcome to Latest Innovation in Sleep Enhancement Technology

We understand the importance of firsthand experience, which is why we invite you to request a demonstration unit today.

Our New Technology promises to revolutionize the way patients experience restful sleep.

Witness the transformative effects of our device and discover how it can benefit your patients.

How it works?

  • This is a 45 days trial period to test and evaluate the New Sleep Wave System.
  • During the trial period, you will be eligible to purchase the product at a significant discount rate.
  • No charges will be incurred until the expiration of the 45-day trial term.

At the end of the 45-day trial period, you can choose to:

  • Purchase the system at a significant discounted rate.
  • Join either the Sleep Wave’s Authorized Reseller or Affiliate Program, where if you successfully generate two sales within 60-days from the beginning of the trial period, you will be eligible to keep one demonstration unit for free.
  • Return the system.

Let's get started!

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Sleep Wave Controller and Wavy Cover

Sleep Wave Demo Unit Program

If you have questions about our Demo Unit Program, please enter your email to receive further information.

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