Travel Pad Replacement

$105.00 Includes VAT

The Sleep Wave Travel Pad replacement makes it easy to replace the pad only without replacing the whole system. If needed, replace your pad and continue enjoying excellent nights of sleep, no matter where you are.

Travel Pad Size: 35″ wide x 55″ long


Feel Less Tired – More Energetic – More Productive.

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  • Sleep Wave Travel Pad Only.

Travel Pad Size: 35″ wide x 55″ long

Note: The Sleep Wave Travel Size comes in one size only.


Care Instructions:

DO NOT WASH. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Spot clean only by blotting the stain.

Due to the electronic nature of the Sleep System, Do Not Wash – Do Not Dry Clean. Spot clean only by blotting the stain. A store-bought enzyme stain remover will work well for biological stains (blood, sweat, etc.). For lighter stains you can use a small amount of natural dish soap mixed with water. Use the foam part of the mixture only to apply to the stain. Apply the stain remover that you prefer to a clean white cloth and blot the stained area. Using a second clean cloth dampened with water, blot again to rinse. Let the pad dry completely. Repeat the process if needed.


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Sleep Wave PadTravel Pad Replacement
$105.00 Includes VAT
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